Chatbot Setting Tutorial

Complete Tutorial Version

Chatbot Tutorial – Quick Complete Version
1.1 Log In With Facebook

Key Functions - Messenger Replies

2.1 Creating Reply Flow (Bot Flow Builder)
2.2 Input Keywords / Test Replies (Trigger Bot Reply)
2.3 First-Time Messenger Replies (Get Started)

If you clicked on the ‘Get Started Template’ in the Action Button Settings, it did not directly link to the Bot Flow Builder:

2.3.1 Welcome Message Part 2 (Ice Breakers)

If you use the Ice Breaker, the ‘Published post send message’ button set in Inbox > Automation > Frequently asked questions will be overwritten

2.4 Linking Chatbot to Ads (Using JSON)
2.4.1 Linking Chatbot to "Send Message" Button on Published Post.
2.5 Inbox Sticky Menu (Persistent Menu)
2.6 Live Chat Send Postback Flow

Comment Growth Tools - Post Comments' Replies

3.1 Automatic Replies to All Post Comments.
3.1.1 Automatic Replies to Individual Post Comments
3.2 Auto Replies to Comments Below Ad Posts
3.3 Live Reply & Reply Template
3.4 Tags (Label)

Forms/Data Collection

4.1 Webform Builder

Prior to creating the form: 

  • Navigate to the “Whitelisted Domains” section within Bot Manager and add the following URL to the whitelist:


Form limitations:

  • Currently, Facebook does not support direct linking of posts to Messenger auto-replies with forms or user input (i.e., setting a form in the first Private Message Reply directly linked within Comment Auto Reply).
  • Therefore,  if you wish to set up “Form” or “User Input”, you must first set up a normal Text With a Button as the first Private Reply, and then link to the Form or User Input with the first button. The form can be configured at any point following the initial button.
4.1.1 Linking Form to Google Sheet (Webview Builder)
4.2 User Input

If you want to collect user information, we recommend selecting the “Form” from the previous video to set it up. This is because the “User Input” feature has certain limitations:

  • During the User Input reply process, if users don’t follow the flow exactly and provide an answer, there might be an “wrong format” error. This issue does not occur with Forms. If users enter something unrelated or off-topic in the User Input, the system treats it as an answer. Using Forms, users are less likely to input irrelevant content beneath a question.
  • A user can only collect one set of user input data. If a user fills out the form twice, the data from the first entry will be overwritten by the second. Using Forms, you can collect data regardless of how many times users input information.

Broadcast / Follow Up

5.1 Messenger Broadcast Understanding

Currently, it is recommended to use:

Other Facebook broadcast methods are currently not recommended:

5.1.1 Broadcast Setting
5.2 Follow Up Message – Sequence


6.1 Login with Instagram
6.2 Instagram Bot Reply

Only one Text + Quick Reply button can be placed in the first-level reply. There are no limitations from the second-level reply onwards.

Images: If the image is too large to upload, you can visit the following website to compress its size. Upload and compress the picture there, then download it:

6.3 Instagram Post Comment Reply

Other Functionalities

7.1 Clone Bot
7.2 Adding Chatbot to Website (Customer Chat Plugin)
7.3 Chat With Human
7.4 Creating Chatbot Links ( link)
7.5 Posting content to multiple self-managed pages and groups (Social Poster)