Streamlined Facebook & Instagram Messages, Skyrocket Sales!

Scale Your Brand with Automated Conversations:  Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs and WhatsApp

With a Single Fixed Cost, Unlocking Unlimited Auto Replies, and Ensuring Customer Satisfaction, So You Can Dedicate More Time to Everything Else

Automate Your Instagram Messaging and Marketing for Increased Sales and Enhanced Customer Support.

Affordable Alternatives to ManyChat for Conversation Solutions


Unlimited Access To All Features

No hidden extra cost

Instant Messages Sent After Comments on Posts

  • Unlimited Comment Replies: 24 Hours automatically respond, like, or hide comment
  • Ultra-Fast: All actions are completed within 3 seconds
  • Prevent Competition: Automatically hiding comments from the competitor
  • Eliminate Repetition: Provide instant responses to customers at any time, saving you valuable time. 

Automatically Send Text, Buttons, Images, Audio, Video, WhatsApp Links, Forms, and More

  • Unlimited Private Message: No restrictions on the number of messages you can send.
  • Multilingual Support: Capable of handling messages in any language.
  • Seamless Transition: Automatically switch to human customer support to address any other customer inquiries based on their needs.

Send Bulk Messages to User Facebook Messenger For Free

  • Unlimited Messenger Broadcasts: Send an unlimited number of Messenger broadcasts.
  • Compliance with Facebook Guidelines: Mass messaging adheres to Facebook’s regulations.
  • Free Tutorial: Free detailed setting instructions are provided

Seamlessly Connect Customers to WhatsApp or Human Live Chat

  • Smoothly Switch To Human Support: You can engage in live chat with customers even when utilizing automation
  • Direct Customers to WhatsApp Support or Any Platform: Integrate any URL link to direct customers to engage in human interaction whenever necessary

Create Automation with a User-Friendly Flow Builder Interface

  • With a drag-and-drop interface, you can effortlessly design an auto-reply flow without any technical expertise

Seamless Third-Party App Integration via Webhook URLs, including Google Sheets

  • Streamlined Data Transfer: Simplifies the process of transferring data to Google Sheet etc.
  • Real-Time Updates: Enables real-time updates and synchronization of data.

Seamlessly Integrate WhatsApp Broadcast feature, "WhatsApp Community."

  • Free WhatsApp Broadcast: Allowing you to reach an unlimited number of subscribers with a higher open rate, all for free.


Engage with your Customers at Every Stage

No hidden extra cost


Facebook Messenger Automation

Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used mobile apps globally. Be present with Closing Pilot Chatbot, designed for mobile chatbot tools.


Collecting leads incurs no extra charges, and each lead can fuel targeted marketing campaigns.


You can send unlimited auto replies to an unlimited number of subscribers at a reasonable fixed cost.


Using free broadcasts to reach potential customers can cut marketing expenses while boosting outcomes and ROI.


Each post can have its own individual automated response.

Reply based on specific keywords or any message. Any post can have its own dedicated reply process.


Turn comments into Broadcastable Leads

Having your own customer list is a valuable asset. In case the Facebook page is closed, we still have information to reach existing customers.


Full control over collected list data, downloadable

The collected contact information can be used for remarketing purposes or for follow-up using the gathered contact details.


Automatically add different tags based on the buttons clicked

The built-in tagging feature within the system allows us to know where individual contacts have previously left comments on posts or clicked on Messenger’s automated response buttons, and more.


Generate Links to Messenger From Anywhere

Generate a chatbot link accessible to customers from their preferred channels, such as websites, emails, text messages, or anywhere.


Click-to-Messenger Ad Integration

Lower acquisition expenses. Use Click-to-Messenger Ads to guide potential customers to Messenger, where you can evaluate leads, and continue the conversation.


Effortlessly Share Content Across Multiple Pages or Groups with a Single Click

A single click allows the company’s headquarters or organizational leader to create posts with every team branch page or group. There’s no longer any need to spend time copying and pasting.


Detailed Backend Reports covered Auto Replies detail, Broadcast Info and more

You can easily assess the functionality of the system by reviewing backend reports, which provide insights into the timing and content of automated responses, data gathered through forms, recipients of broadcast messages, and more.


Initiate 'Get Started' for instant welcome messages to new customers contacting your page

New customers who have never interacted before can immediately receive pre-configured messages when they first open the Messenger on the page.


Easy Access for Customers: Persistent Menu Placed at the Bottom of Messenger.

The persistent menu remains fixed at the bottom of Messenger. We can set up to link with the company’s website, frequently asked questions, WhatsApp link, and more. 


Automatically Send Follow-Up Messages After a Specified Time

Set a specific time, and automatically send additional messages. The content can include warm reminders, thank-you messages, promotion deadline reminders, product usage videos, and more.


Pre-set response templates for easy and quick one-click message sending in the Live Chat feature

Customers repeatedly asking the same questions?  With a single click, swiftly send comprehensive answers, including text, voice, and video explanations, to customers’ inquiries. It’s a valuable tool to enhance customer service efficiency.


Instagram DM Automation

Automatically send an instant DM to any commenter or story mention with a pre-set welcome message, offer, or link.