About Us

We Received Invitation To The Headquarters Of Meta, The Parent Company of Facebook, in Singapore.

We collaborate closely with Meta's internal team to discover improved solutions tailored to your needs.

We offer comprehensive end-to-end digital marketing solutions that encompass training programs and a robust system to effectively manage SMEs entire digital brand presence.

Since our establishment in 2016, we have successfully organized over 300 digital marketing training workshops, catered to the needs of more than 12,000 online students, and provided over 4000 marketing chatbot systems to business owners.

With our expertise and experience, we strive to empower businesses to maximize their digital marketing efforts and achieve tangible results in today’s competitive landscape. 

The Meta platform has verified and endorsed our software solution, granting us the prestigious Meta Business Partner badge.

Our trainer has successfully obtained certification from Meta in digital

The verification by Meta serves as a validation of our commitment to providing high-quality software solutions that align with industry standards and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

We are proud to announce that we have been invited to the prestigious Meta Messaging Summit.

This invitation underscores our status as leaders in the field of messaging automation. At the summit, we will have the unique opportunity to learn from the brightest minds in the industry, gaining invaluable insights into the latest trends, technologies, and strategies that will shape the future of messaging automation.

Our History


A Journey in Digital Marketing

Our company was established with a core emphasis on delivering training workshops specifically
tailored to digital marketing software.


From Training Workshops to Affordable Chatbot Solutions

We noticed that most messenger automation software was expensive, so we created our chatbot software, Closing Pilot Chatbot. We’ve held over 90 training workshops, helping more than 20,000 customers in digital marketing

2018 - 2020

Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

Our digital automation system handles more than 2 million Messenger automated replies daily. We serve over 4,000 business fan pages, helping them improve customer interactions and streamline operations.

2021 - 2023

Meta-Recognized Trainers and Official META Business Partner

Our trainers have achieved Meta certifications such as Meta Certified Media Planning Professionals and Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associates, among others. We are officially acknowledged by Facebook as a Meta business partner and prominently featured on the official Meta website.

2024 - Future

Dedicated to Excellence

We will keep delivering the best automation software and offer valuable marketing knowledge to our customers

We assist business owners

Time and Cost Savings 91%
Lead Generation 72%
Enhanced Customer Engagement 64%
Customer Satisfaction 87%
24/7 Availability 100%

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